Gregory L. Craig

Damon Kronsberg has represented me in residential real estate transactions totaling over $15,000,000 over a period of more than 10 years. In each case, Damon has gone beyond simply providing excellent brokering work in representing me as both a buyer and seller across a number of transactions. Damon has taken the time and effort to truly understand specific needs that related not only to each property, but to the people involved in the transition. In every single transaction, the result has been a top priced sale in the case wherein I was the seller, and a fair and likely the lowest purchase price possible in situations wherein I was a buyer. While this would be plenty to ask from a residential real estate broker, I have come to expect much more from Damon. He has taken an interest in important considerations beyond simply the transaction outcome.

Damon goes well beyond any real estate broker I have encountered in ensuring the best property marketing, flexibility to alter strategies to seek the most efficient and effective result, a strong focus on insuring that all parties complete the transaction peacefully, without stress, and with all parties feeling that honesty, integrity, and excellent communication and relationship management were at the forefront of the transaction. Damon’s highly personal and caring approach to dealing with the inevitable buyer-seller friction has resulted in great outcomes for me time and time again. While I can truly say that Damon has been a great strategist and additionally shown great prudence and market insights around the properties in which I have had an interest, bottom line results have been paramount. I have yet to be disappointed in the pure financial outcomes of transactions handled by Mr. Kronsberg.

For many, that buck stops there. But what I value about Damon, and what I would stress to anyone considering the selection of a great broker, is this: 1) When Damon represents you in a deal, you can count on two things: he will handle every little detail in the most timely, focused, and professional manner, using all of his good relationships and those of Coldwell Banker to insure a largely stress-free engagement, and 2) the financial outcome will be the optimal one.

On that point, it is noteworthy to share that I have worked with Damon in “hot” markets where my property sold in a day, with multiple bidders, and also on transactions where the overall market, or challenges specific to the property, made failure the likely outcome. Damon does not accept failure. He somehow always finds a way to get the job done, and that is a rare quality in anyone, let alone a real estate broker.

Over the years, I have grown to know Damon quite well. He is a great, honest, interesting, clever, tough, kind, and funny guy. He has never failed to wish me or my daughter a happy birthday, or to note a milestone in my life with a call or a card. Again, this is unusual in a real estate agent. I trust Damon implicitly. He has earned that. Damon is in it for the long haul, clearly enjoys accomplishing great outcomes for others, and loves his job. This makes for one great broker.

It is for these reasons that I give Damon my highest recommendation. I’m happy to provide insight and can be reached at should you so desire.