Dr. Thomas E. Preston

This letter is to thank you for your help in selling my Orlando property in the South Carthay neighborhood of LA. During the last three months you have exhibited a number of personal and professional qualities which I feel are important to recognize. You have been hard-working, responsive, persevering and diligent.

As you know the buyers of my property were quite difficult and demanding. When you told me prior to listing with you that there was more to selling a house than simply opening escrow, I must confess, I did not believe you.Your professional capabilities helped to avert a number of problems during that stormy first month of escrow. I truly appreciate the effort that you expended and I could not be more satisfied with both the process and the outcome.

It goes almost without saying that your presentation of the house and your marketing of it were also excellent. During this down market in real estate we achieved a higher price for my property that had been obtained for any other similar South Carthay property. While of course I feel that I deserve every penny, your help was crucial to the selling and consummating of the transaction.

If ever you need a recommendation, I would be delighted to have a potential homeowner call me.