Living in Brentwood Park

The borders of Brentwood Park:

  • EAST of 26th Street and NORTH through Rockingham
  • WEST of Cliffwood
  • NORTH of San Vicente
  • SOUTH of Oakmont *

* Although adjacent Oakmont Drive is not technically considered part of Brentwood Park, due to it’s immediate proximity from Bristol, Cliffwood and the similar caliber of homes and lots on those streets, they are included here as a part of BrentwoodPark.com. (Also, not to be confused with Oakmont Street, which is just off Mandeville Cyn.)

Street names: interesting facts

Ashford Street
Oakwood Avenue
Avondale Avenue
McKinley Drive
Bentel Avenue
Bentel Avenue
Bristol Avenue
Grand Blvd.
Burlingame Avenue
Terrace Drive
Chadbourne Avenue
Dorsey Drive
Cliffwood Avenue
Lincoln Drive
Evanston Street
Florida Avenue
Hanover Street
Euclid Street
Highwood Street
Hillcrest Avenue
Marlboro Street
Delaware Avenue
Parkyns Street
Parkyns Avenue
Rockingham Avenue
Canyon Drive
Sunset Boulevard
Park Drive Avenue
Westboro Street
Golden Gate Avenue