To know your client is to understand their needs.
Damon takes the time to listen carefully, ask the right questions, and help you define your bottom line. That saves time, money, and paves the way for a strong and successful relationship.

It’s all in the details.
A transaction can live or die in the fine print. Meticulous documentation and attention to detail are hallmarks of Damon’s style. It’s what his reputation was built on; it’s the reason his clients keep coming back.

Ahead of the curve
Constant changes in banking, title and escrow procedures leave many agents unprepared. Damon is savvy to the latest developments and can easily steer clients around impending obstacles before they become roadblocks.

Windows of opportunity open and close quickly.
Preparation is key. Negotiating daily in the market is what gives Damon his edge. With a wealth of experience behind him, Damon knows when the situation calls for prudent action or swift movement. It all translates to advantages for his clients.

Clients really do come first.
Damon makes his client’s priorities his priorities. Whether you have a deal that requires a high level of discretion, need a little finesse to make an offer shine, or simply want to present a rock solid offer with financing intact, Damon has the resourcefulness and know-how to make it all happen.

Damon’s mission is to:

  • Instill confidence
  • Meet challenges head on
  • Work aggressively
  • Deliver results beyond expectation
  • Utilize every tool at his disposal
  • Minimize frustrations
  • Create lasting relationships
  • Always put the needs of the client first

“It’s what makes Damon’s clients keep coming back … house after house, deal after deal.”

Results: the Dynamics of a Successful Sale

The kind you get when you work with Damon Kronsberg. A real estate professional and investor since 1985, Damon has successfully closed hundreds of real estate transactions all over LA’s Westside- from compounds to condos, estates to relocates.

The key to Damon’s success is his unflinching commitment. A commitment to getting the deal done, no matter what the obstacles. New avenues, unexplored options and out-of-the-box thinking… Damon puts an entirely new spin on the word ‘creative’. He works with a mix of tenacity, resilience and a complete love of the real estate spectrum.

Damon’s principles for smart, hands on real estate representation cushion you from the bumps and potholes on the road to a closing.